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UK Radio - latest news


July 2002

The latest news is that UK Radio will be broadcasting every Sunday from 9am till midnight and some Saturdays depending on having enough programming available without having to repeat to often. Also whether we broadcast on a Saturday will depend on the amount of listeners we get on the internet for our Sunday broadcasts. So far response to our Saturday and Sunday programmes have been very dissapointing with a maximum listership of 5 people. This will have to increase substantially if we are to extend our hours of transmission. Meanwhile our SW service continues most Sundays on 6266khz for the time being. No further FM broadcasts are planned due to a lack of support and because the DTI took all of the FM equipment in the raid of November 1999. 

Paul Johnson would like to thank all the people who have stood by the station during the last 3 years since the big raid in November 1999, without who’s help and co-operation the station would not have been able to continue namely Glyn, Mr Armadillo, The Bogus Jobseeker and Norman Bates.

UK Radio hopes to continue throughout the rest of 2002 on the internet and on short wave. Anyone interested in advertising on the station should write to our mailing address. We can advertise your business or company for as little as £3.00 per week. For this your advert will be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Live365, reaching a potential worldwide audience.

We need some more presenters! You will need to be able to record your own shows so you will need their own studio equipment. Anyone interested in becoming a DJ on UK Radio should record a 2-hour show on two sides of a C120 cassette and send it off to our postal address: UK Radio, PO Box 53, Bilston, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV14 6YS. If your 2-hour demo tape comes up to the required standard, we will invite you to record further programmes, and they will be broadcast every Sunday morning on short wave, and also on our internet service.

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